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'Blaze Glass' Oil Bong with Titanium...

Price €75.00

Blaze Glass Oil Bong and Stainless Nail Attachment. Decorated with a green glass nodule, for added grip, on the outside of the water-chamber and internally on top of the round double diffusors. Complete with a Hash oil vapor capture attachment and an adjustable stainless steal oil bowl.

Pickle Rick Glass Pipe

Price €48.00

The Pickle Rick Glass Pipe says “Come on, flip the pickle, Morty, you’re not gonna regret it!” And we never do, do we? The Pickle Rick glass pipe is going to help you get schwifty…Ohh yea, you gotta get schwifty! Did Suzy the cat find this post-vinegar cucumber scary, or was she looking for a little catnip?

Pinky Glass Water Pipe

Price €300.00

The Pinky Glass Water Pipe is such a friendly pink elephant, and so fun to look at and smoke. It will have you unable to ignore the “elephant” in the room!

Black Irie Glass Pipe

Price €35.00

The Irie Glass Pipe is a traditional glass spoon, with Rasta colors of red, yellow and green swirled and faded over the top. Dope days, cool nights, good company and mellow vibes call for a piece to help you along to Irie. The Irie Glass Pipe is so named from ‘Irie‘; a common greeting in Jamaica….