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MediCann E-Liquid CBD

Price €17.50

The tastiest CBD E-Liquid from MediCann. Made from selected flowers with the usual MediCann standard.
The E-Liquid is produced according to GMP Standards – and is therefore lab tested and has a guaranteed CBD content.
The liquid has a very fruity and sweet taste and intices you to vape.

Ekati CBG E-Liquid

Price €35.00

Healing Vapor CBG is a terpenoid-enriched E-Liquid . Guaranteed THC free.
3 % of cannabigerol (CBG) crystal per 10ml bottle.
Perfect for drip rigs and tanks. Use to augment your favorite liquids or enjoy the expressive flavor of Healing Vapor on its own. Pharmaceutical-quality preparation for the finest crisp and clean clouds.

Dankbrothers CBD Isolate 99,9% pure CBD

Price €35.00

Our CBD crystals are more than 99% pure and are extracted from certified hemp through partnerships with farms throughout Europe. CBD crystals have a broad spectrum of uses, that for consumers include: mixing with your favorite e-liquid, mixing with a carrier oil, baking & dabbing.

Ekati Add or Dab

Price €125.00

Glass syringe with 1 gram of CBD crystal(1000mg)
with 1 ml of natural terpenes of cannabis
Add to the tinctures or Dab it pure